Tyson Plumlee

I am a St. Charles County native and have spent most of my life in and around the St. Charles area. As a kid, I always wanted to escape the confines of St. Charles and eventually did when I joined the Army in 1998. After six years of active duty service and seeing the world, I returned and decided it was time for something new.

I am an Elementary School Principal and hold a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with certifications to teach 1st through 6th grade. My Master’s is in K-8 Administration, and I have an Educational Specialist Degree all from Lindenwood University. All this means I get to do what I love, which is work with kids every day and spend the rest of my life paying off student loans.

My wife and I have two Bassett Hounds Leonard and Phil, and in our free time, we like to travel and spend time with our dogs. I am someone that enjoys music and lean toward the alternative and classic rock genre. As avid Blues fans, we try to take in as many games as we can together and follow the team every day.

Writing is something that had grown on me as I’ve gotten older and when it came to writing about the Blues it was easy to put together pieces that I felt comfortable putting out for others to read. I do like to ask the hard questions on difficult topics and am always open to suggestions, feedback, and love hearing all sides of the story and opinion. My goal is only to do this as long as I love it and to put material out that is thoughtful and relevant in the minds of the fans.