Ray Standefer


Ray is 32 years old and from the St. Louis area. He resides in St. Charles, is Engaged to be Married to Heather, and is a Father of 3 children (2 boys: Karver & Gage, 1 girl: Josephina). He loves his two dogs; A male American Bulldog/Boxer, “Tank”, and a female Pit Bull/Labrador, “Melody”. His first name is Brandon, but he doesn’t like it. Call him Ray.

Ray is currently a Stay-At-Home-Dad, exploring the world of Marketing. His aim is to work with musicians surrounding the St. Louis Area. He pursued musicianship in his younger years as a vocalist for a local alternative rock band.

Some of Ray’s favorite things to do are, first and foremost, spend time with his family, follow the great sport of hockey, discover tasteful music, enjoy a good concert, and soak up nature.

He slowly became more and more interested in hockey over time beginning in his 20’s. He claims it’s the best sport in the world, and he feels it’s unfortunate he missed out on so much as a child. These days, Ray is determined to be highly involved in the St. Louis hockey community.

Blues Rants came about after Ray created a personal blog to share his opinions. A few supportive people reached out and influenced him to take it further. He built a website and began to assemble a team. Each contributor brings something to the table, and Ray is proud of the staff and what they collectively represent.

His favorite sports teams besides the Blues are the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Kansas City Chiefs. He claims to be Russell Westbrook’s biggest fan. He’s also very excited for the world to see what young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes has to offer. Ray isn’t a huge baseball fan, but he follows the Cardinals from a distance.