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Ray Standefer


Ray is 32 years old and from the St. Louis area. He resides in St. Charles, Missouri. He loves his family, Heather and is his 3 children (2 boys: Karver & stepson Gage, 1 girl: Josephina Rae). He has two dogs; A male American Bulldog/Boxer, “Tank”, and a female Pit Bull/Labrador, “Melody”.

Ray is currently a Stay-At-Home-Dad. Some of his favorite things to do are spend time with his family, follow the great sport of hockey, discover music, enjoy a good concert, read and write, and soak up nature.

Blues Rants came about after Ray created a personal blog to share his opinions. A few supportive people reached out and influenced him to take it further. He built a website and began to assemble a team. Each contributor brings something to the table, and Ray is proud of the staff and what they collectively represent.