Kyle Hanner

Kyle’s parents will tell you he’s been a Blues fan since June 1991, when they traveled up to Grafton, IL for a meet & greet with Bernie Federko, a month before he was born. From there, the fire was lit and he’s been faithfully watching Blues hockey ever since. From Thursday nights watching Brett Hull bury wristers on channel 11 all the way to the corner of 14th and Market watching the Stanley Cup go by, through the years, his love for Blues hockey being the only constant.
Kyle grew up in Waterloo, IL but relocated to Austin, TX to chase his dream of being a chef. There he met his longtime girlfriend, and the couple moved to her native Houston upon having their first child in 2017.
Kyle has a borderline hockey addiction. His television never leaves the NHL Network and the que on his Apple Podcast App is episode after episode of hockey talk, Blues and otherwise. When not watching or listening, he’s reading; taking advantage of an Athletic Subscription as well as following various social media accounts. This is how he found Blues Rants. After following game recaps and op-ed pieces for most of the 18-19 season he heard a call for more writers on the website’s Facebook page and decided to give creating a try after spending so much time consuming.
His favorite Blues memories (outside the entirety of the 18-19 playoffs) include being at the Brett Hull Hat Trick on Hat Night game, attending the  6-1 routing of the Detroit Red Wings in the 2002 playoffs, and watching Steen score the shorthanded goal on Jonathan Quick in the 2013 playoffs. All of those AND calling all his friends in Chicago on June 12 to gloat.