Karen Meyer

Karen is so much of a native and loyal St. Louisan that she has lived in the same zip code her entire life.  She lives in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood with her husband, Jeff, and their daughter, Nina. They also have a cat named Trouble who needs no description.

Karen believes in the overwhelming power of kitten and panda videos and their ability to save the world.  She is a theatre nerd who enjoys coffee mornings and winery days. She likes to read and dabbles in writing when no one is looking.  Her primary focus is on promoting positive vibes, self-love, and motivational content. She is a plethora of useless information which makes her a value to most trivia teams.   

Karen learned all about the joys of hockey in her early teens, during the Hull and Oates days, from her older brother.  Her brother suggested that it would give her something to talk about with boys. A hometown girl at heart, the St. Louis Blues was naturally her team of choice.  Sadly, her backup team was the Bruins because, like New Kids on the Block, they were from Boston.

Don’t worry – that eventually passed.

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