James Barry

James is devilishly handsome and is from St. Louis but now resides in Belleville with his fiance and a slew of animals. He attended Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, where he studied English. He’s an avid gamer, loves to play golf, and he and his fiance compete in Harry Potter Trivia contests locally.

He has been a Blues fan for his entire cognitive memory, became enamored with the Blues at a young age and quickly became engrossed in this mentally abusive relationship called Blues fandom. He felt that the Laurie selling of the Blues led to the worst product the franchise ever put on the ice, but he doubled down on his love. He was a fanatic for all things Lee Stempniak and eventually Brad Boyes.

When asked how he got hooked up with Blues Rants he tells a story of just being triggered. “Honestly, I got into a debate on social media over Jake Allen and started researching, and it developed into me rediscovering my passion for writing.”

James is a cardinal fan as well as an aspiring podcaster/streamer. He hopes to launch a live stream of his Fantasy Football League draft and turn it into a weekly show about his league, which turns 11 years old in 2019.

He is excited to see where things go with Blues Rants and hope it can get a stranglehold on a subset of the Blues fan community.