Chris Moran


Chris was born and raised in St. Louis where he currently resides. He graduated from Fontbonne University. Some of his hobbies outside of work include writing, video games, watching TV, and following sports.

When Chris was a little kid, he was a Ducks fan, partially because of the movies and partially because of Selanne and Kariya. As Chris aged, he became a Blues fan more because they were the team in his hometown.

Chris is a fan of the Cardinals, and baseball in general. He’s a big soccer fan, following St. Louis FC – Soccer USL, Chelsea FC, and English Soccer. Formula 1 Racing is another interest of Chris’.

He listens to pretty much anything that catches his ear but prefers Rock music. “Old Rock, new Rock, metal, a little Rap, EDM, older country, really a little bit of everything.”

Chris loves Chocolate, other than that, he doesn’t really have a favorite food or type of food.