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Welcome to Blues Rants,

St. Louis is a great hockey city. Our main goal here at Blues Rants is to make it even better. We aim to do this by providing a steady flow of quality content in hopes to educate and entertain fans of the St. Louis Blues and hockey in general.

We also want to intrigue those that haven’t become fans of the game and team just yet to board the ship. We’re not just here for the die-hards. Take a look at our Hockey FAQ section where we bring light to those things that may be difficult for a newcomer to understand.

We are in no way associated with the St. Louis Blues organization. We are simply passionate fans of the game and team. Our staff receives zero compensation. We consider this a service to our community, and an outlet for ourselves.

Collectively, we’ve decided to be an Advertisement-Free website. This may change in the future if and when we acquire a specific sponsor, but we won’t just have random Ads up to collect. Ultimately, this is for your reading pleasure, bringing you a “zero interruption” experience.

From the Blues Rants Staff,

Thank you.