The Magic of Hockey – Reflecting on Bouw’s Medical Emergency

Ducks and Blues players watch and wait as Jay Bouwmeester is attended to on the bench in Tuesday night’s game in Anaheim. (Fox Sports photo)

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 – We don’t need to recap the fear that slapped us all in the face, less than 24 hours ago as we watched the emergency with Jay Bouwmeester unfold live before us last night. I think we have all lived that fear over and over today – until at least 3:30 this afternoon. 

Instead, I want to talk for a few minutes about the other things I saw while everyone’s attention was focused on Bouw.  I’ve had a few opportunities to watch the footage over and over today and I keep noticing the same thing. 

Class. Pure, undisputed, without any doubt, total class.

I see Dunn and Parayko immediately come to Bouw’s aid, call for help and, with assistance from Steen, rip out an entire bench for easy access. 

I see Petrangelo – a true leader – skate off to get help instead of waiting for it. 

I see Getzlaf quickly escort medical personnel from the Duck’s bench – half pulling – half keeping him from falling – across the ice – making sure he didn’t slip.  I see Parayko help that person safely over the wall. 

I see Manson kneeling in respect and prayer. 

I see a blurring of colors – Orange, white, blue, black – As lines of competition disappear and brothers comfort brothers. 

I see Parayko refusing to leave his defense partner’s side – letting him know he was there. Being as close as possible without being in the way. 

I see someone who I believe is binnington holding up his glove in what appears to be an effort to give Bouw some privacy. 

I don’t see people trying to capture this moment of vulnerability to share on social media.  I don’t even see people texting. I see fans watching, hoping, praying, focused. 

I see a mother comforting her young son and he learns at too young of an age that his heroes are indeed mortal.

I see the tapping of the sticks and the show of respect. 

I see NHL team after team after team offer support on social media. 

I see fans of other teams offering up positive support. 

I see Blues fans showing appreciation to other teams – even the Blackhawks and especially the Ducks. 

Today I see a team asking for privacy and I see fans and press respecting that request. 

I would expect nothing less than any of this. I would hope for nothing less than any of this. But this generally isn’t the way things work out. 

I see the magic of hockey.  And I’m proud to be a part of the magic of Blues Nation. 

Karen Meyer writes the Magic Zone for Blues Rants.  When no one is looking, you can find her blogging at Making My Own Magic, talking about positivity, good vibes, self-love, pandas, and kittens.  We Went Blues.  She plans to be a bit nicer to her Anaheim clients by not gloating about the Stanley Cup on this week’s conference call.


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