Blue Collar Weekly: Jaden Schwartz

Jaden Schwartz battles with Winnipeg’s Josh Morrisey in a recent game at Enterprise Center. (Joe Puetz/NHL via Getty Images)

Welcome to Blue Collar Weekly where I choose one lucky Blues hockey player to wear the Blue Collar of greatness for a week. I will judge the players by their elevated game-play and heavy stats. I will also mention other favorable stats from the current regular season, career highs, and milestones.

This week,” the Blue-Collar goes to…”

Jaden Schwartz

Well here we are again! Another Blues win streak at 8 games and Jaden Schwartz showing why he is a huge part of the Blues success. Furthermore, he is definitely the cement that makes up the foundation of this team’s offense.

This team has a swagger when Schwartz is playing with that edge and grinding it out with his teammates. Let’s take a look at his numbers for the last 10 games.

Last 10 Games

The 27 yr old lefty has 12 points (5 g 7 a) with a +2 (plus/minus) and three of those five goals were game winners. Not only is he scoring consistently but he also has 9 hits and 5 blocks with a total of 24 shots in that timeframe!

Streaky Schwartz

If we rewind to last year at the same exact time things did not look so peachy for Schwartz. His point total was extremely deflated. Most noteworthy was the fact that he had only 3 points (0 g 3 a) in those ten games. Consequently, his plus minus suffered dramatically as he posted a minus 4. The only bright spots was him having 32 shots, 2 blocks, and 6 hits.

Halfway there…

It’s only halfway through the season and Jaden has already pretty much matched his regular season totals from the entire last season of 69 games. Above all, he has acheived this in just 40 games!


Schwartz scores on a sweet pass from Kyrou
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If he stays at this pace he has the potential to beat his career-high of 63 points from the 2014-15 season. He is getting timely goals and as a result, he has tied his game-winning goals career-high of four.

Congratulations to Jaden Schwartz on earning his 3rd Blue-Collar Award which leads the team! He’s is the only player on the team to have more than one BCW! Cheers to our lucky charm!

The Flaming Hot Blues

The Blues lead the Western Conference with a 26-8-6 record on the season. They have won 8 straight! They are 10-1-1 vs the Central and 19-2-3 vs the West.

“The House That Doug Built”

Seems like after all the panic from the Tarasenko injury and surgery these Blues have shown their incredible depth. The team has gone 22-6-3 since the Tarasenko injury.

I think GM Doug Armstrong is showing the entire league how to build a successful professional ice hockey team! He has shown great confidence in his staff and players to do the things it takes to form a positive hard-working culture in St.Louis. As a result, it has transformed the new blood and the youngsters have been welcomed with open arms. We have seen them put forth great effort to make an immediate impact.

After all, this is “the house that Doug Built”

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