Pit Of Misery – Rescue Taylor Hall

I am back from my sabbatical to give you all a little something to think about. At the time of publishing Taylor Hall could be a Blue, he could be a Yote, he could be an Oiler, hell he could even be a Devil, but what does Hall bring to the table for the team he eventually lands on? Well, let’s take a look at Taylor Hall.

Taylor Hall has been on some terrible teams. He’s not the answer to any playoff hockey trivia question. He’s been in 5 playoff games. Five. For what it is worth, his stat line is pretty good, averaging more than a point per game in that small sample size. (2-4-6). This isn’t Taylor Hall’s fault, though he gets a lot of flack for it.

OPS: Offensive Point Share

Justin Kubatsko developed OPS in a similar vein to Bill James win share in baseball. There’s a lot of math involved, but to dumb it down for you, like it was dumbed down for me, it boils down to how many extra points did a team earn based on the players’ offensive metrics.

Players that have debuted since Taylor Hall has (2010) that have a higher point share than him: 2

Tyler Seguin and Nikita Kucherov are the only two players that have a higher OPS. That’s pretty good company.

I’ll level with you; advanced stats don’t always work with me… sometimes you need a little more.

The Eye Test

I went searching for someone that has seen Hall play, someone that has punished themselves by watching the Devils play. I found our good friend Vinnie Parise from Fansided.com. Vinnie is a diehard Devils fan; his twitter timeline is a part intelligent hockey IQ and part masochism.

Basically, he’s what we all were a little over a decade ago.

Vinnie, what does Taylor Hall bring to a team?

“Taylor Hall brings an element of speed that not many can. He drives offense like a centerman and makes it easy on his centers. He uses time and space to open things up for his teammates and himself. When he is on his game, he makes everyone around him better. He also gains the zone on the power play and is a noticeable difference-maker with the man advantage.”

Critics point out that his teams never seem to make the playoffs. Is that fair to lay that at his feet?

“It is fair in a year like this. He has six goals, and that is not going to get your team to the playoffs if you’re the best player on it. In other years he was on a team that wasn’t good enough.”

Now I am not saying that the Blues desperately need Hall, far from it. With the injuries the Blues have suffered, we’ve learned that the depth is real when it comes to this team. Every week another player is inserted and succeeds. First, it was Klim Kostin, then it was Nathan Walker, and now we’ve seen Jordan Kyrou have glimpses of offensive prowess. Still, the Blues are missing the consistent offensive pressure that the likes of a Vladimir Tarasenko provide. Taylor Hall provides that, he’s a skilled top 3 forward. The Blues would be fools not to kick the tires of the Devils and see what Hall would cost.

Besides, isn’t it fun to be in the conversation?

Three Things:

1.) Allen and Binnington are good:

Jake Allen away from Enterprise: .932 SV% 2.21 GAA (The fact he’s 8-5-1 is criminal)

Jordan Binnington at Home: .923 SV% 2.28 GAA (10-3-3)

They are the best tandem in the league. They are also being relied on to keep this team in many games. The scoring has emerged lately, but a little influx wouldn’t hurt.

2.) Robert Thomas isn’t going anywhere. The dude is the future.

3.) I don’t think trading for Hall means that Alex Pietrangelo isn’t a part of the future of this team. You have money coming off the books, and more than likely, Jake Allen would be headed out of town with any deal, especially to the goaltender thirsty New Jersey Devils. It would be uncomfortable, and you would probably see some depth players be moved out. However, if anyone can work it out with the cap, it’s Doug Armstrong, and if he wants to pull the trigger on the move, why would we question him?

Happy Holidays

Peace, Love, Delay of Game needs to be reworked

James B.



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