I’ll Have a Blues Christmas…Holiday Shopping Guide Part 3

Welcome to Thanksgiving week everyone! Time to put on your comfiest eating pants set aside your Black Friday ads and get ready for another installment of the Magic Zone’s holiday gift guide!

Today we are taking a look at the best gifts for the next generation of Blues Champions. That’s right, it’s time to take a look at gifts for the little ones! It’s easy to buy a Youth Blues Jersey. But let’s talk about gifts that will truly inspire.

It’s never too early to start molding a young hockey mind and you have to start them off right. And what better way to celebrate baby’s first Christmas than with this great reminder that they were born in the year that history was made! Check these (and several other) adorable onesies available from the NHL shop!




And for those times when the nachos get messy – there’s this adorable bib! Only $10!


And don’t forget baby’s first Zamboni! You can get this one at Bed Bath and Beyond online for $18!


Reading to your children at a young age is just as important as teaching them about hockey. So why not combine the two? This adorable book, S is for Stanley Cup, combines the alphabet, poetry AND our favorite Blues accessory! Available on Amazon for $9! Also on Amazon, you can find Z is for Zamboni and The Day My Fart Followed Me to Hockey – just in case you want some variety.

Speaking of Zambonis, I once gave my best friend a Blues lego Zamboni. I think it was her favorite gift that year. She was in her 30s. Adults can be kids too you know.


It’s hard to find that toy now – but not impossible. However, it’s super easy to find this great Playmobil Hockey Arena, Zamboni, Locker Room and Blues Players and Goalies! I bet if you really want, you can even find a few Bruins players so your kids can reenact Game 7 over and over again! And when they are done – they can celebrate with this amazing Playmobil Stanley Cup Presentation Set!









Speaking of imagination play – it has to be said that hockey is not just for boys. And American Girl knows it! Make magic for that special little hockey fan in your life with this great new American Girl All-Star Hockey Set! And if you want to make it a bit more local, Pro Image Sports in West County Mall is selling these mini Stanley Cup Pucks for only $2.99 and they are perfect doll size. Trust me on this. I’m an American Girl Doll expert.



Is your young fan a bit more into Build a Bear (St. Louis Founded Build a Bear that is)? Well, then you are in luck! They have a Stanley Cup Shirt that is just your favorite Bear’s Size! They also have a cute little bear size blues hoodie!




If you are going to have dreams of hoisting the Cup when you are all grown up, you have to start working on your slapshot and making those goals. What better way to start than with this mini goal set ideal for little ones. Make memories by getting in the goal yourself! One day your kid will tell everyone about the day they got a goal past dear old dad (or mom!). This one appears to be an ideal size for the younger set. For those a little older – check the Carpet Hockey Set. Both available from Target.



I promise you, if any of these things are sold out, it won’t ruin your child’s Christmas. Just get creative! The children are our future and it is our job as responsible Blues fans to raise them right. Inspire their love of hockey. Encourage their dreams. Teach them about Blue Loyalty. Make memories this Christmas! It’s what it’s all about!

Tune in next time as we look at Stocking Stuffers and gifts for Fido and Fifi!

Karen Meyer writes the Magic Zone for Blues Rants. When no one is looking, you can find her blogging at Making My Own Magic, talking about positivity, good vibes, self-love, pandas, and kittens. We Went Blues. Remind her to pick up that Stanley Cup Build a Bear shirt for her daughter’s childhood best-stuffed friend…


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