I’ll Have a Blues Christmas…Holiday Shopping Guide Part 2…

Ideas for Holiday Gifts

Welcome to another installment of The Magic Zone’s holiday shopping guide!  For those keeping track, here’s the latest countdown:

My Daughter’s Birthday – 28 Days

Hanukkah – 31 Days

Christmas – 34 Days

Kwanzaa – 35 Days

In case you missed my first installment, here’s the link. Blues Holiday Shopping Guide Part 1. I hope you have started shopping!  But if you haven’t – today, I’m here to talk about the easiest Blues swag of all – wearables!

Let’s start with the biggest of all, no brainers.  This sharp AF Fanatics Branded Blue Banner Collection Breakaway Sweater (MVP O’Reilly is shown here).  Totally digging the STL flag on the inner collar, the championship patch, and the added sparkle on the numbers that depict the Blues Magic!  Price varies, and I have seen them online and in several stores. Available in ladies and youth sizes too!


 Give the gift that gives back!  When you purchase any piece from the Hockey Fights Cancer collection, donations are made to the National Hockey League Foundation.  Do some good and look sharp at the same time! This t-shirt sells for $28. The collection features hats and hoodies too!


Speaking of looking sharp, check this simple monotone Banner Collection t-shirt!  I like it. Just when you thought that Regis Philbin wore out the monotone look in his “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” days, this shirt comes along and proves us all wrong.  Just look at it! Worth every penny at $31.99!


I barely know what to say about this adorable Blues onesie, but you know that you know someone who needs it.  It’s perfect for those cold January nights when the Blues are away, and you don’t want to go to a watch party.  It’s also perfect for those cold January nights when you do have tickets or want to go to a watch party. It’s multi-purpose.  Perhaps that’s why it’s so pricey. But remember, the official NHL site has sales all the time. Take advantage! 



I LOVE to eat and shop local whenever I can.  Support local businesses! Every big business started as a small business once.  Help build empires. *stepping off soapbox*

That said, I can’t say enough good things about Arch Apparel.  I love their STL Hockey line – even if it isn’t NHL official. They do an outstanding job of walking the line between putting out a product that is great for fans AND doesn’t violate copyright laws.  And can I say that my Play Gloria shirt is one of the softest t-shirts I have ever owned! You may not realize that they now have a storefront on Hanley Road – so head on over and check it out.  

Perhaps you can snag one of these great shirts!  And as a bonus, you might pick up this handy bag, which is perfect for the Enterprise Center’s new “clear bag” rule!




Now, for a Magic Zone “Buyer Beware”

One of our writers (who shall not be named at this point) ordered the Blues Blue hat below as a gift for his wife off of Amazon.  What arrived was not a Blues Blue hat, but a black hat. He returned it and ordered it again from another vendor. That hat was also black.  

So unless you want a hat that shows up in the Boston Bruins colors, might I suggest this hat for your wife instead?


You really can’t go wrong with a Blues wearable – unless you accidentally buy something that the recipient already has… or it shows up in Bruins colors.  There’s lots to choose from and something for everyone!  

Tune in next time when we take a look at gifts for the next generation of Stanely Cup Champions and then followed by finally,  Stocking Stuffers!  

Karen Meyer writes the Magic Zone for Blues Rants.  When no one is looking, you can find her blogging at Making My Own Magic, talking about positivity, good vibes, self-love, pandas, and kittens.  We Went Blues. She wears a Men’s Large Fanatics Branded Blue Banner Collection Breakaway Jersey in a number 55 – in case anyone was wondering.


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