I’ll Have a Blues Christmas… Holiday Shopping Guide Part 1


I’ve been trying to protect you all, but the time has come for me to say this.

Christmas is in 43 days. There are 44 days until Kwanzaa.  There are 37 days until my daughter’s 22nd birthday. There are 41 days until Hanukkah.  Daylight Savings Time is over. It’s going to be dark early for awhile.

So that means it’s time to get to the stores and start working your way down the holiday shopping lists.

As a person who is currently in her 7th Q4 seasonal retail holiday season character-building session – I pride myself at being quite the expert at helping people find the perfect gift for the holiday season in the quickest, easiest and most customer-service friendly way possible. 

Everyone wants Blues tickets. That’s a real no brainer. But wouldn’t those tickets be so much sweeter tucked inside a super awesome St. Louis Blues travel coffee mug??

With all this great “Stanley Cup” merchandise all over St. Louis with our favorite Blue Note beautifully placed, there’s no shortage of options for that perfect gift for your favorite Blues Fan.  And because it’s my sworn retail duty, I’m going to offer my services to you today – free of charge – to help you sift through the options and find the perfect gift for your “Blues Blooded” loved ones…

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be your personal holiday expert – bringing you all the best holiday ideas for the Blues fan on your holiday list.  I’ll do the research and you do the buying. 

But make sure you act quickly. I don’t want to be blamed for empty stockings on Christmas morning. 

To get us started – let’s talk about the extravagant items…  

The Jostens Stanley Cup Collection


If you happen to have $12,000 just laying around you can order one of 139 Championship Rings (provided they are still available – I don’t have the money to find out)!  And if you can do that – please be my friend.  

But I’m gathering that your shopping budget is a bit more low key.  So might I make these other suggestions?

Take for example this amazing Blues pendant from Jostens.  The back is engraved with “2019 Stanley Cup Champions.” It starts at $199 I’m Suncast metal finish. The 10k gold is significantly pricier. It ships in 6 weeks so order now. 


If you are seriously jonesing for that Stanley Cup Ring, you might try this stunning paperweight.  At $159, it’s a nice compromise for those who just can’t pull together the cash for the real thing.


Who needs a super rare game puck when you can have one of 2019 Waterford Crystal pucks?  It’s crystal. It’s fancy. It’s classy. It’s $135. 


Speaking of crystal – you can do some hoisting of your very own with this Fanatics authentic crystal Stanley Cup filled with melted ice from the finals. It’s only 5.5 inches tall, so you can’t eat very many Cheerios out of it. But you can dream. It’s priced at $79.99, but the NHL shop has sales all the time!


And what about those bobbleheads?

Bobbleheads aren’t usually too crazy – but what about a 3 foot tall Ryan O’Reilly bobblehead for $900?  You can also get the entire set of 24 bobbleheads for $825 – nothing says collection like the full set. Or you can just pick your favorite player starting at $40. 


That’s all for today, my friends. Join me next time in the Magic Zone when I take a look at some of those great t-shirts, jerseys, and hats… aka – the no brainer gifts!

Karen Meyer writes the Magic Zone for Blues Rants.  When no one is looking, you can find her blogging at Making My Own Magic, talking about positivity, good vibes, self-love, pandas, and kittens.  We Went Blues.  She wears a size 8 Stanley Cup replica ring if anyone wants to buy her one.



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