Pit of Misery – A New Season and A New Outlook

30 years of heartbreak and unrequited passion was answered a few months ago.

It happened.

They won.

It felt like that moment would live forever, and in many ways it still will. Shot from the point tipped in, Marchand’s poor change, Senko finding Schenn, the save, Perron finding Sanford, exhaling.

Screaming “It’s Happening It’s Happening” through tears.

That won’t leave me, hell I got chills just typing it, but the season starts anew now. That moment that will stick with us is now yesterday’s news for hockey. We’ll have the banner raising, the commemorative giveaways, the eventual return of Maroon, but that season is over. Now we begin again.

Does the Pit of Misery start over? We’ll find out, Rome wasn’t built in a day, this misery took years of disappointment to reach this precious ground, but for a brief moment that will last forever, We were champions.

I love every fan, new and old. Thank you for making last year so special. Hockey is a hell of a game, it builds communities and in the case of this writer it can build bonds with others that are more than just friendly, it creates a family.

Brothers and Sisters, its hockey time.

3 Things:

  1. Spots are limited on the roster, I don’t expect to see Klim Kostin make the club out of camp, but his presence should push guys like Robby Fabbri.
  2. Jake Allen is still around, still making 4.5 million, I know the Blues love having him as a backup, but the moment they can finally trust that Jordan Binnington was not a fluke and can hold up as a number 1 over an entire season, he becomes expendable. This is a huge preseason for Ville Husso, he needs to prove he is a part of the future of this team.
  3. Sammy Blais was a pest in the best sense of the word in the playoffs, and he needs to continue to evolve into a complete player. It’s important for him to stay healthy and keep his edge that made him a marked man in the back half of the playoffs last year.


Thanks for reading and Shootouts are garbage,



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