Reminiscing is the Best

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Blues fans!

Hi there,
I want to say that I am humbled and excited to have the opportunity to be on board as a writer for Blues Rants this season.

Reminiscing is the best when it comes to thinking about your favorite moments with family, friends, and sports teams. As a Blues fan since 1987, there have been a lot of moments where I have experienced the feeling of, “this is the best Blues moment of my life,” scenario. There have been many, and for me, it started with a small bit of advertising from McDonald’s, so hopefully, you can read along and perhaps pull out some of your personal favorites as you read through my own best Blues moments.

This summer has been nothing but perfect as we continue to relive the best moments from this season. It appears that we see images of the Stanley Cup all over the place and to be quite honest, it doesn’t get old. The players, the fans, and this city deserve every bit of the recognition.

Starting as a young and impressionable Blues fan, I remember going to McDonald’s and getting my ‘Golden Adventures of Brett Hull’ comic with my meal. It was so cool as a kid to read about his adventures that year in the 3 part series. Hull was in his prime, and he didn’t disappoint me as a kid and surely made tons of memories until his departure. I’ll get back to Brett Hull momentarily. The following are just some of the moments I’ve experienced and I wonder where this will take all of us as defending champs next year.

-The 95-96 season: I was a sophomore in high school, and we all lost our collective minds when we signed Wayne Gretzky. I was in heaven, and when we went into the 2nd round against Detroit, I was certain we’d come out on top after beating Toronto. My memory of sitting as close to the TV as possible watching us lose in double OT off Steve Yzerman’s shot on John Casey from the blue line crushed me. That was my first true heartbreak experience, and it surely wouldn’t be my last.

-The 99-00 season: I was in the Army and watched the President’s Trophy Blues with 114 points stroll into the playoffs as confident as ever. I’ll make it short and sweet since we know The San Jose Sharks came in and crushed our dreams. I was more in a state of shock and severely disappointed.

-The 2014 signing of Ryan Miller: I thought Miller was going to save the day and he was going to be the catalyst in getting us The Cup. Oh my, how I was wrong. I distinctly remember sitting at Hooters in my David Backes jersey with literal tears rolling down my face watching The Blackhawks dismantle us. That was a season where I questioned my faith in this organization that could not put it together. However, much like the diehard fans do, I carried on as a fan.

-The 2016 playoffs: Troy Brouwer saves the day, and we finally put the demons to bed in beating The Blackhawks in Game 7. I was cheering and hugging my buddies because this was FINALLY going to be “The Year.” Dallas was taken care of in the 2nd round and then San Jose again…shuts the door. I was bummed but excited that Hitchcock was able to get us to the Conference Finals. I was exhausted with all the emotions during that playoff run, but I didn’t know how exhausted I would soon be.

-February 2nd, 2017: I was given tickets on short notice for a game this night. They raised Bob Plager’s banner to the rafters. For anyone that was there, it was chilling. Everything was going so smooth as they raised Bob’s number to the rafters. All of a sudden, the machine stopped midway through the ceremony. We thought something was wrong, and perhaps it was a mechanical error. Next, a light shined on Barclay’s banner, and it was lowered to meet Bob’s. They continued raising them at the same time, so they will forever be together. That moment is cemented into my mind. It gave me goosebumps, and I’m sure tears welled up in fans eyes throughout the arena.

That is just five memories that stand out to me worth writing about in my life. Of course, there are others, not to mention the plethora of memories made in the last season. To cap off my memory lane trip, I cannot get my mind wrapped around how fantastic it was to see our Brett Hull on stage at the rally after the parade. That man was so happy for his team and city that he was not afraid to share all of his thoughts, expressions, and even sang for us. I didn’t go to school to be a judge, so I didn’t care as it was just as much his parade as it was for the rest of St. Louis.

As we look toward next season, I hope you as the reader can pull out your favorite memories you had from the 2018-2019 season and perhaps leave them in the comment box. I am very confident that winning The Cup will always be all of our collectives, “Best moment in Blues History,” but I am wondering what will be our next, “Best Blues Moment?” Thank you for reading. Take care of yourselves and each other.



2 thoughts on “Reminiscing is the Best

  1. I started following the sport after a friend of mine got us $2.75 standing room only tickets at the Arena in my Junior year (1971) of high school. We continued going until I was married in 1973 to a man who doesn’t like sports at all. We had 2 sons but only the younger son grew to love and go on to play the sport. I purchased season tickets and Jim would go with me starting at the age of 9. I’d explain the game, the penalties and the best players we and the other teams had. We went the night they retired Bobby’s number, and yes it was very moving. We lost our son to suicide last year ( 4 days short of his 42nd birthday ). I gave up our tickets then, the joy went out of the sport for me, but how I wish he could have been here to see them win the cup and all the excitement in our city.. I think that was the first time in more than a year that I actually felt joy again. I woke my husband up and he watched the last 4 minutes of the game with me with the score still being 4-0. I think he was more excited for me, but he did enjoy seeing them win. Thanks so much for the memories Tyson, and Thank you St. Louis Blues

    1. Very touching story, Barb. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for the loss of your son. Glad the Blues gave you and all of us a moment to celebrate that we won’t soon forget. Take care. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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