Blue Collar Weekly-Vladimir Tarasenko

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Welcome to Blue Collar Weekly where I choose one lucky Blues hockey player to wear the Blue Collar of greatness for a week. I will judge the players by their elevated gameplay and heavy stats. I will also mention other favorable stats from the current regular season, career highs, and milestones.

this week, the “Blue-collar” goes to….

Vladimir Tarasenko

Let us take a take a stroll into Vladi’s last last 5 games.

The always crafty 1st line right wing sniper has been quite the “smooth operator” this year. Tarasenko has tallied 3 goals and dished out 4 assists in a five-game span. Believe it or not, Tarasenko has become a physical presence. Check this out…

  • 12 hits in last 10 games
  • 88 plus hits two years in a row (he’s up 38 hits from the 2016-17 season)
  • Finished 8th on the team with 88 smash hits
  • Bravely finished 8th on the team with 40 honorable blocked shots

Milestones & Career Highs

One important thing we have been noticing about Tarasenko’s career is that he is very consistent from year to year. He is annually progressing and his stats are the formidable evidence that cements his legacy in Blues history. One magical career that will surely result in him being a Hall of Famer someday. Here are some recent milestones and career highs.


  • 200 career goals (211 total)
  • 200 career assists (207 total)
  • 400 career points (418 total)

Career Highs

  • Sthr% (shot through percentage) career high of 56.9%
  • Career high with 40 blocks (which is up 33 blocks from his Rookie year when he had only 7)

Hot Streaks

  • 30 or more goals 5 years in a row
  • 30 or more assists 5 years in a row
  • 60 points or more 5 years in a row
  • 4 game point streak (10 points in the last ten games)
  • Has recorded 2 points three games in a row

Road & Home Stats

Just like previous “Blue Collar” winners, Tarasenko has been another road warrior. Here’s a glimpse of his away and home stats.

Road statistics:

  • Scored 21 (goals)
  • Tallied 19 (assists)
  • Produced 40 (points)
  • Netted 5 game-winners
  • Plus/Minus ratio of +8
  • 7 (power play goals)
  • 13 (power play points)

Home statistics:

  • Scored 12 (goals)
  • Tallied 16 (assists)
  • Produced 28 (points)
  • Plus/Minus is zero
  • 5 (power play goals)
  • 9 (powerplay points)

My “Vova” Final Season Ranks

  • 1st on the team with 33 goals
  • 1st on the team with 12 power play goals
  • 1st on the team with 275 shots taken
  • Tied for 1st on the team with 21 even strength goals (tied with O’Reilly)
  • 2nd on the team with 68 points
  • 3rd on the team with 35 assists
  • 8th on the team with 88 hits
  • 8th on the team with 40 blocked shots

#91 is staying out of the penalty box

Vladimir Tarasenko has not taken a penalty in 23 straight games. That’s very impressive and shows more of his patience and hockey sense developing further. As the Blues move forward into the playoffs against Winnipeg let’s watch to see if #91 can stay as composed as he has been recently. Winnipeg has not been good to him this year.

  • Tarasenko has on scored 1 goal in 4 regular season games this year. Even worst he has only 1 point in those same 4 games. But with Tarasenko’s reputation against Central Division teams let’s not panic too soon. Here’s why…

Tarasenko vs. Central Division

  • Scored 17 goals
  • Dished out 9 assists
  • Accumulated 26 points
  • Only had 8 penalty minutes
  • Tallied 9 power play points (4 of those points are goals)
  • Blessed us with 3 game-winners
  • Scored 5 goals and 2 assists equaling 7 points against Chicago this year. (The most points against any team this year)

Tarasenko vs. Western Conference

  • Scored 25 goals
  • Dished out 18 assists
  • Total of 43 points
  • 15 power play points ( 9 of those points are goals)

Odd stats

Tarasenko had 127 (BA) of his shots blocked each year 5 years in a row. He also scored more points in February: He had 22 points in that month. If you want to know his most successful day of the week. Well, that turned out to be a Saturday. Vlady oddly enough scored 22 points (13 goals 9 assists) on Saturdays also. That was the most productive day of the week for him. He has a career Corsi rating of 54.5%


When Tarasenko scores, the Blues seem to win games.

The Blues won 43 games this year and Tarasenko has played a big part in their success. He has scored 51 points (24 goals 27 assists) with a remarkable +30 in the span. I also have noticed he scores more on the power play, he has 13 power play points. I was curious to know how good he has been in the playoffs. Let’s take a look back.

Career Playoff Statistics

  • 32 points in 44 games played
  • Scored 22 goals
  • Tallied 10 assists
  • 3 game-winning goals
  • shot percentage 15.5 %
  • Delivered 50 bone-crushing checks in the postseason

With the playoffs right around the corner, I’m positive Tarasenko wants to remain productive. With him on the scoresheet, St.Louis is sure to go far. I would like to see him get the Blues up this steep hill and win the Stanley Cup for all those die-hard fans. I believe he will do fine and lead us into battle. With that, I will leave you another quote from the wonderful Guy Lafleur.

Hockey is not a one-man show; it’s a team effort. If you don’t work as a team – even if one or two guys aren’t working – you’re not going to win. That’s the way it is.”

Guy Lefleur



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