Pit of Misery- Playoff Penance

I started this series as a way to write, even when the pain was too great. You probably noticed our lull in content when the Blues were struggling. It is hard to write about a team that, for lack of a better term… sucked. But as the Blues clinch a playoff berth I am left with the sobering notion that the misery may have yet to begin. The Playoffs are coming.

Why do we fear the Playoffs?




Leafs running Fuhr

Depravity, on all counts. Blues Postseason record is a “who’s who?” and a “what’s what?” of total depression.

So why the sunny optimism? This is a different monster. Not since 2008-2009 has a team shocked us by making the postseason. This team was down and out. Sure it was good on paper, but it was not clicking on the ice and it had several of us wondering if it was time to blow it up. Then they started winning. They haven’t really stopped yet. They can keep it going if it’s alright with the hockey gods.

This will be different, right? I’ll allow myself to be hurt again, I will blindly expect the cup on Market Street, for I am a Blues fan, and this is my penance.

3 Things

1. Barbie is looking good, and that fourth line is fire. Sanford is playing a far more assertive role and though his finish still needs work, he is getting to the puck.

2. I tell you Sundqvist is a second liner at the beginning of the season and you tell me we are trash. Accept it, I was wrong about him, and everyone else was too.

3. We need Jake Allen a lot during these last few games, can’t have Binnington wear himself out on these seemingly meaningless games, and I wouldn’t be shocked nor will I be upset if Allen gets a start or two in the playoffs. Check his numbers, they are legit.

Peace, Love, and Shootouts suck
James Barry


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