Blue Collar Weekly – Brayden Schenn

Welcome to Blue-Collar Weekly where I choose one lucky Blues hockey player to wear the Blue-Collar of greatness for a week. I will judge the players by their elevated gameplay and heavy stats through five games. I will also mention other favorable stats from the current regular season.

this week, the “Blue-collar” goes to….

Brayden Schenn

Let’s take a look at Schenn’s last five games.

Trusty #10 has accumulated 2 goals 3 assists averaging a point per game equaling 5 points in the last five games. His plus minus is +1 and he has whipped 12 aggressive shots on net. Let’s add 2 powerplay goals into that whopping 93:52 of total ice time and I smell a winner.

  • The Blues are 32-22 when Schenn is in the lineup.
  • Schenn has 44 points in 60 games played
  • Tallied 13 goals with 31 assists
  • Shot percentage sits at 10.6 % and is 4th on the team with 100 hits at even strength
  • 28 blocked shots and still hanging tough

The Road Warrior

Playing on the road seems to be Mr. Schenn’s strong suit. I don’t gamble, but if I did I would put my money on #10 every game in enemy territory. I am willing to wager he might have an enormous appetite for playing the spoiler.

  • 28 points in 32 road games played with a plus/minus of +5
  • 4 of his 9 goals on the road have been established via the powerplay and has 7 points on the PP
  • 2 big game winners in foreign territory
  • Those soft hands dished out 19 assists to his fellow teammates

A sweet tooth for victory…

When chocolate covered strawberries aren’t sweet enough for you, I suggest you get the taste of winning. Just ask Brayden Schenn. He always scores during a beloved victory. I will prove it to you…

  • 33 of Schenn’s 44 points have occurred when the Blues are victorious
  • 26 of his 31 assists have also highlighted those same victories
  • 7 huge powerplay goals with a plus/minus of +22 during all those big fat juicy wins
  • In 142 games played with the Blues, he has 12 game-winning goals

Lets talk Conference and Divisional stats:

Saskatoon native really plays big against Western Conference teams. Schenn has laid it all out on the table for rival games.

  • 8 goals 20 assists (4 goals 8 assists against the Central teams)
  • 28 points (only 16 pts versus Eastern Conf. teams)
  • Schenn has scored 4 goals apiece against Chicago, Nashville, Edmonton, and Columbus this year

What are Brayden’s favorite days of the week?

Answer: Thursdays and Saturdays

Schenn has scored 1 goal, 9 assists on Thursdays this year and 4 goals, 8 assists on Saturdays. His 22 points on Thursdays and Saturdays make up half of his 44 total for the season.

Let’s just face it. When you are good, you are good. The numbers don’t lie… and coincidence? I think not. Brayden Schenn, when playing at his finest can be a big factor in the Blues success. I look forward to watching the rest of the season play out. Maybe we can ask for Thursday and Saturday games only. Possibly all away games for our Road Warrior? How about play some Western Conference teams? Can you say playoffs? I will leave you with a quote from “The Great One” that I think applies to our beloved #10:

“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.”
Wayne Gretzky


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