Pit Of Misery- Panic and Free Fabbri

Tarasenko out for at least 10 days. I think we can panic now.

What a week it has been, after winning for what felt like the month of February, the Blues threatened to slip back to mediocrity without Schenn in the lineup only to rebound the moment he comes back. Allen finds his legs, and now the Blues are staring at an extended absence from Vladimir Tarasenko. Ugh!

Silver Lining: Since 14-15 Tarasenko has missed 11 games, Blues are 8-2-1.

Less silver: The Blues have limited offensive options without him in the lineup since Jaden Schwartz is struggling to string any sort of offense together.

Dark Lining: Binnington has looked human and the team looks tired. Jake Allen’s resurgence has been equal parts surprising and necessary for this team.

What can the Blues do in the meantime? PLAY ROBBY FABBRI

Why is Sanford the choice over Fabbri? I will give that Sanford finds himself in scoring positions really well, he just doesn’t have the finish yet. So many pucks bounce off of his stick, and he has a difficult time staying aggressive and assertive. Fabbri looked really good in his last couple of games, seemed to have his legs under him. Strange that Berube is keeping him off the ice unless there is an injury.

3 Things:

1. Jake Allen was unconscious against the Sharks and the Kings. Don’t listen to other outlets who tell you he was lucky, they are hating. Snake had great angles and played a very aggressive style, really good to see him perform.

2. NHL’s vagueness when it comes to injuries is frustrating.

3. Edmundson has had some weak calls against him lately, but he has to do what he can to stay out of the box.

Peace love and Shootouts suck
James B.



2 thoughts on “Pit Of Misery- Panic and Free Fabbri

  1. Yeah Jake played well in 2 games which is what we needed. However, the number 1 goalie will be in net tomorrow. It’s his until he proves otherwise.

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