Ryan O’Reilly, Keep Your Eyes On #90

 (Photo: Jeff Curry / USA Today Sports)

Ryan O’Reilly currently has 26 goals and 40 assists for 66 points in 67 games played for the St. Louis Blues. He is averaging just under a point per game at 0.985. With 15 games remaining, he is projected to reach a career best of 80 points (80.775) this season if he can play 82 games and keep up his pace. This would be the 2nd time he’s played a full 82 in his career. He did it in 2014-15 with the Colorado Avalanche.

As of right now, the Blues centerman holds a shot percentage of 13.9% which ties his career-best set in 2013-14 with the Avs.

Goal Scoring

O’Reilly is currently averaging 0.388 goals per game. Now, if he continues at this production level, he is projected to score 5 more (5.82) and reach 31 goals (31.82) in 82 games played.

He only needs 2 more goals to reach and tie his career high of 28 set in 2013-14 with Colorado. At just 67 games played, 20 of Ryan O’Reilly’s 26 goals have come at even strength which is a career high. He scored 19 even strength goals in 2013-14 with Colorado having played 80 games that season.


ROR is also averaging 0.597 assists per game. Again, if he continues at the rate he has produced and his teammates can finish, he is projected to assist 9 more (8.995). This would give him a total of 49 assists (48.995) on an 82 game season.

He has 24 assists at even strength and 14 on the Power Play. Just 3 more at even strength and he’ll reach his career high of 27 set in 2015-16 with the Avalanche. With just 2 more Power Play assists, O’Reilly can tie his career best of 16 set in 2016-17 with the Buffalo Sabres.


Number 90 in blue has only taken 6 minor penalties this season. That averages out to 0.179 penalty minutes per game. In the remaining 15 games, O’Reilly is projected to sit for 2.685 minutes. We should expect him to have an 82 game season total of maybe 7 or 8 minor penalties (unless he doesn’t take one at all).

Giveaways & Takeaways

Ryan has just 23 giveaways thus far and is averaging 0.343 per game. At this rate, he’s expected to give the puck away 5 more times as the season winds down (if he plays 82 games). That would project a finish of just 28 giveaways (28.149). Last season (2018-19) with Buffalo, O’Reilly finished the season with 39 giveaways in 81 games played.

O’Reilly registered just 65 takeaways in 81 games last season (2017-18) with Buffalo. He’s got 78 takeaways this year which averages to 1.164 per game. This means that he is expected to take the puck away 17 more times (17.46). Ryan has a projected finish of 95 (95.46) on the season (again, if he plays 82 games).

Multi-Point Games

Ryan O’Reilly has 18 multi-point games this season. This also ties a career-best from 2013-14 with the Avalanche in multi-point performances. He played 80 games that season. Again, with 15 games left, I think Ryan O’Reilly will beat this record.


Ryan O’Reilly has been a machine. He’s bringing 100% every shift of every game. We’re seeing him play the best hockey of his career here in St. Louis. Not only that, he brings out the best in those around him. We’ve seen that in David Perron, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Brayden Schenn.

Blues fans knew they were getting a stud, but did they really expect this kind of production all over the ice? Truly, this is a model athlete. When you bring your kids to the game, do them a big favor and be sure to tell them, “Keep your eyes on #90.”


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