Pit of Misery- Relax

The Blues standing pat isn’t a bad thing. Sure, the West got better. The Predators just capped off their expensive February with the additions of Wayne Simmonds and Mikael Granlund, the Jets paced that with their acquisitions of Nathan Beaulieu and Kevin Hayes. Meanwhile, the Blues added Michael Del Zotto. Sure, that looks like the front office is holding steady, but let’s relax.

A little alprazolam for the masses.

The Blues have amassed 38 points over their last 25 games since the beginning of the year. The Preds are the next closest in the Central Division with 29 points. They’re the hottest team in the division over the last 25 or so games and the Blues have outpaced them by 9 points. This team has the talent in-house to make a run. With the presumably imminent return of Schenn and Perron ( I know… acting like people coming back from injuries as acquisitions is dumb… I hate it. you hate it. I get it.) The Blues look poised to make some serious noise down the stretch. In fact….

The Blues’ run made Nashville make those moves. Nashville has added 10 mil to their cap this month. They hear footsteps. The Blues did that. That’s funny to me, I like that. I am a jerk.

So breathe, they didn’t nab Panarin, they didn’t nab Stone, and they didn’t add Bob. It’s okay.

By the way, how much fun is it going to be when we knock Nashville out in the first round and watch Columbus get swept out again.

3 Things:

  1. It wasn’t Jake Allen’s fault… stop it, and if you are using the team’s lack of success in the playoffs with Allen in net as your basis that he isn’t capable, then you aren’t doing your due diligence. Proclaiming he isn’t the answer because he hasn’t gotten them deep is the same as saying Cujo and Liut were garbage because of the same reason. Sit down.
  2. Blues needed a D-man because they realized the depth they have isn’t cutting it. Butler had an off night against Minnesota, not his fault, he has played well in San Antonio. At this point in his career, leaving him down there to lead the youth seems to be the best idea.
  3. I have no ill will towards Mats Zuccarello, sucks that he got hurt immediately after his trade to Dallas. He is a real treat to watch play. Jamie Benn isn’t. I have lots of negative words about him, but I have been told by the powers here at BluesRants.com that I have to keep this column and the Twitter feed classy, so I’ll just say, “Benn’s a cotton headed ninny muggin.”

Peace love and 5-minute majors.



One thought on “Pit of Misery- Relax”

  1. I understand you don’t follow hockey that much or you would realize Allen plays really well for an eight grader. With the same defense as Binnington he has allowed more goals. I don’t have the numbers but I’m sure you can get them. Binnington has pint on a clinic in these last 14 games. Line up for the on coming rush, using his stick, just playing goal like an old guy. Allen can’t be a back up goaltender, we pay him to much. He got this season he belonged here tending nets for the Blues. By his record he failed. Stop making excuses for him

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