Pit of Misery- True Fans

I am a 29-year-old Blues fan.

A third of you will think I am ancient, a third will understand my pain, and a third will think I am too young to understand.

I expected the Blues to lose on Sunday against the Wild.

   Does that make me a bad fan? A big thing on Blues Twitter lately is the idea that only true fans are the ones allowed to be happy with the sudden turn around. That the fans who had tuned out are suddenly not allowed back on the wagon. I understand that, you feel vindicated because you hollowly said that the Blues would be there in the end. Their talent was too good to still be sunk.

You “real fans” are wrong.

   Real fans have seen this before, they have seen the regular season success, they’ve lived through stunning streaks of phenomenal hockey, they can tell you all about the stars and the excitement of the Old Barn, of the Kiel when it was the Kiel.

   We came back after the lost season, to a team that was garbage, to a team that sold its greatest asset for Doug Lynch, Jeff Woywitka, and Eric Brewer. We are accustomed to a certain type of failure, and when that fault begins the Blues of past have steered into the failure, no one talks about the President’s Trophy, we know, in the Bergevin hell that we live in ,why, too.

   So, understand that you said that the Blues weren’t out of it that the Blues faithful know that too. They just didn’t want to withstand another lost season. Another season that is wasted. It’s frustrating to be a Blues fan, so let’s all enjoy this. As long as this lasts.

3 Things:

1.) I was wrong about Jordan Binnington, maybe he is the answer, maybe not, but he is playing All World right now. His confidence is infectious. Nathan Mallet from Running with the Herd, @RampageNate, noticed just how confident he was in SA with the puck, he’s no Martin Brodeur, but he’s a special goaltender and he has really helped out the D with his puck handling.

2.) Tarasenko is a mutant.

3.) Ryan O’Reilly is the first number 1 center that Vlad has got to work with. Doug Armstrong deserves credit. A healthy Vlad and a healthy ROR for one whole season would put up numbers we haven’t seen in a long time.

Bonus Thing: Patrik Lalime is the worst goaltender in Blues History…  Just thought I would add this… no real reason. 

Peace Love Hockey
James B.



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  1. I’m sorry I know you are young and yes I know. But there are worse goaltenders that have played for the Blues. Ones as good as Binnington are few and far between. I do beli he is improving the defense as he playys

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