Pit of Misery: This is Nice

Enjoy it, bathe in it, this is as good as it gets for us. 7 game win streak, cloud nine, dirty thoughts of being a threat to the central division. This is what we’ve heard about from our frenemies in the north and east. This perverse feeling that your team is unstoppable, Is this real life?

This column will likely never be as positive as the rest of the content here at Bluesrants.com. It doesn’t have a chance to be, I proposed to the editor a weekly or sometimes bi-weekly rant on what it is to be a Blues lifer. A column that is part editorial, part commiseration with Blues nation. A column that delves deep into the mostly emotionally abusive relationship that is being a Blues fan. If it sounds like something you need, I’m here for you. Let’s be sad together, and for this week, let’s be really happy together.

3 Things

  1. Big Mac is back in St. Louis. Mackenzie MacEachern has been a vision. His first 12 games he has posted a +4, on the 4th line, that’s a better number than anyone on the team not named O’Reilly, Parayko, Gunnarson, and, surprisingly, Dunn. He has been a hitting machine, and lately, a force on offense. Signing a one-year extension means that we are all going to have to learn how to spell his name. Blues Twitter will have fun with that.
  2. Binnington is a lucky goalie. Put down the pitchfork. Seriously. Okay just stand over there with it. I have never seen a goalie get the puck luck that Binnington has had. How many times has Parayko or Dunn swept the puck out from behind the big kid from Richmond Hill? He is managing to keep a pretty .927 Sv% and that matches what he had at San Antonio this year. Can Mr. “Winnington” keep it going, for the Blues sake he is going to have to.
  3. David Perron is coming back. If I am playing fantasy GM I sit Alexander Steen, but the Blues don’t sit for merit. I imagine that you’ll see Zach Sanford sit for DP57. What of Robby Fabbri? Don’t the Blues need to see if they can get anything from him? Are we really getting more out of Steen than we would from Fabbri?

So this is just the beginning, I am sure we will come down to earth soon, but there is no hurry. Follow me at @JBarry89 and during the games at @Bluesrantcom.

Peace Love Hockey


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