Pit of Misery: Don’t Be Afraid

So here they are, a point out of playoff position. Seemingly playing a solid defensive game for the first extended stretch that they have all year. You’ve checked out mentally for this team. Their constant struggles have made it impossible to have any expectations past March for this team of underachievers. They’ll just fall apart again, Binnington can’t stay hot, Schwartz is such a key component and he’s not scoring, it was only the Panthers… I hear you, it’s okay to feel that way… here’s why you shouldn’t.  

Jaden will score again, I mean mathematically, statistically, it’s nearly impossible (very much possible) that he won’t start scoring again. He’s made some plays, just hasn’t finished yet. He played incredibly against Anaheim before the break only to be stopped on what felt like the only saves Anaheim made that game. Bozak, on his same line, threw a puck away from the net and it deflected in. Damn Schwartz has no luck.  

Maybe if Panger stops saying Schwizzle.  

Allen has been better than advertised. Allen is a good goalie. You can stop raging now. The Blues finding their game with Binnington in net isn’t causation. It may be correlation, but those things aren’t synonyms. Allen has been a competent, perhaps “elite”, goaltender on the road. He sports an excellent .920 Sv% on the road. Can he regain the starting gig… sure, will he? Depends on Binnington.  

Perron is skating, lost in the improved play of the Blues is the loss of their most consistent offensive weapon this year, David Perron. He still has a 13-game point streak. He is about to come back.  

The Blues have been doing this resurgence without a second line, Jaden-Bozak-Steen have been essentially invisible. With Fabbri working back into game shape and the insertion of Perron, this team’s depth will be bolstered. Perhaps a trade at the deadline could boost this.  

I’m back on board, figuratively, and literally (in terms of BluesRants.com) I am buckled in for the next chapter of this team. I’m making the Kool-aid guys, stop by if you need a glass.  


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