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T’was the Night Before Christmas…

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Here at BluesRants, we want to wish you and yours a very merry, joyous and wonderful holiday! – Ray, Tim, Sarah, Jesse, Caleb, James, Stephen, Chris, and Will 

T’was the night before Christmas,

And all through the city,

It wasn’t quite warm

And nor was it chilly.

For Mother Nature seemed

A little confused by the season,

And like our favorite team,

There wasn’t a reason.

The wackiest of calls,

Were given day by day,

Like pucks at bad angles,

And off Jake Allen’s “A”.

Illegal equipment

Was Colorado’s ordeal,

But hey, we still won,

And the game was a steal!

And who ever knew

there’s no goal “eitha”

When the puck deflects off

Of Tim Poole, the zebra?

But nevermind my ranting,

This season’s about joy,

Like the Blues at the hospital,

With Build-a-Bear toys.

And what of Barclay,

The loveable pup?

Who gets two minutes for “ruffing”

And stealing sticks from pucks?

When Hockey Fights Cancer,

And the rink’s all aglow,

Spreading Ari’s Light,

And making it grow?

What about Annapolis,

The team outing, for sure,

And time with the troops,

Who serve and endure?

The season’s not lost,

And hope is still young,

Our players will fight,

Their work is not done.

So during this Yuletide,

As you gather around,

Take comfort in the thought,

And listen for the sound,

Of skates upon ice,

And slapshots that crack,

For the Urge to sing loud,

As our boys are back.

Merry Christmas to all,

And to all a good night,

May your days be joyous

And your hearts be light.

Let’s Go, Blues!


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