Would the Real St. Louis Blues Please Show Up?

Where Were They?

Where was the team that we saw come from behind earlier this week with 4 goals in the final period? You remember the team that overcame adversity two nights ago and scored a short-handed goal in overtime to beat one of the best teams in the Western Conference? Where were the St. Louis Blues on Sunday afternoon when it was time to play the visiting Calgary Flames? Where was that team?

Even they don’t know.

Pat Maroon was quoted on NHL.com as saying, “The first period, we just didn’t come out. I don’t know why we didn’t come out. I don’t have answers anymore. It’s just kind of embarrassing, to be honest with you.”

Coach Berube didn’t mince words either

The Big Question

It’s a question that keeps getting asked, yet doesn’t get answered. Actually, it does get answered. Each and every time it gets answered the same way as we see in the quotes above. Yet, those answers aren’t really the answers anyone wants to hear, are they?

The truth is that the right answer is not going to come in a post-game interview down in the locker room with a player who shakes his head and repeats the same old cliches about not coming to play. The answers we want to hear aren’t going to be in the media room in front of the Blues and Enterprise logo backdrop.

The answers that owner Tom Stillman want to hear, the answers the management and coaching staff want to hear, the answers that the fans want to hear are going to come out there on the ice.

They’re going to come in the form of hard work, extra effort, and some grit and heart. They’re going to come in front of the fans who paid their hard-earned money to buy a ticket and some over-priced concessions. The answers need to be displayed in front of an ownership group who, yet despite being in a smaller market has spent to the salary cap to put a contender on the ice. That’s the answer everyone wants to see.

The answer will be in your play. And we don’t care if you win or lose. As long as you show up and give it your best effort, we can live with that. But we can’t live with the effort that you’ve been giving.

Where is your pride, St. Louis Blues? Where is your heart? Where is that grit that we have come to love over the years? That’s all we want. Yes. We want a Stanley Cup. But at this point, we’d settle for some effort out there night in and night out. Is that too much to ask?

Game Recap

In case you hadn’t heard, the Blues lost to Calgary 7-2 on Sunday afternoon. The Flames scored 4 times in the first on their way to a lopsided win in Enterprise Center.

The Blues head out to western Canada for 3 games this week before the Christmas holiday. Let’s go Blues!


One thought on “Would the Real St. Louis Blues Please Show Up?”

  1. Someone on the team needs to lead off hitting someone on the other team with a hard check and keep doing it. The blues must play with grit in order to become a consistent winner. And quit backing up till the other team has a close in shot stand the other team up . The front of our goal area should be bloody nose alley . LGB

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