Blues Catch a Connecting Flight in Arizona; Lose 6-1

Is this it? Is Pietrangelo going after EJ and then Edmundson backing him up the moment that the Blues season gets turned around?

Parayko’s goal was pretty and the win was needed, but watching the @StLouisBlues play for each other is the biggest takeaway.@bluesrantscom

— James Barry (@JBarry89) December 1, 2018


What a simpler time that was… the Blues were coming off a dramatic 3-2 victory and I sat up in bed and wrote that tweet, thinking that it was a poignant moment in this Blues’ season. This was the line drawn. This was going to be the new normal. I was younger then, so much younger, but it still feels like yesterday. . . .


We could go through the goals again, I can try to make the case that Arizona is just a good young team on the rise. I could make that same long boring pandering and sunny story that these are bleak days that occur right before the team gets it. Right before the team hits its stride, maybe they will use this as motivation! But I am older now, I don’t have the same disposition I had all those one days ago. This is the new state of affairs when it comes to the 2018-19 St. Louis Blues. They make you want to drive the bandwagon, but they never filled it up with gas. By the way, the Blues lost 6-1 for those who turned off the game early. 

First Period

Chad Johnson was great, he was solid all game long. The Blues took a bunch of penalties and eventually Arizona got a puck past Johnson.  It was Jakob Chychrun, and it was his first of the year. I can show you a highlight of it, you can see that he basically sets up camp in the high slot and begs for the puck as Barbashev is unaware of his presence and Colton Parayko settles into his familiar stuck in no mans land schtick where he simultaneously can’t block the puck and uses his 6 foot 6 inch frame to completely and hopelessly screen his own goalie or… you can watch Tony Twist break Rob Ray‘s eye socket.

Second Period

Arizona scored 4 goals in this period. The Blues were shorthanded a remarkable 38 minutes in the first 40 of the game (editor’s note: only 11:32 of the first 40 minutes) We can watch the lone offensive highlight for the Blues on Robert Thomas‘ sick deflection of a Jay Bouwmeester (who wasn’t terrible for like the 4th straight game) slapper from the point. We could also watch the barrage of goals that Arizona put behind Johnson or… we could watch Mike Weaver lay out Patrick Sharp.

Third Period

Vladimir Tarasenko got mad. Then he was sent to the showers early by the refs. The bad guys scored again. I can show you the replay of that goal, but if you are really interested in that masochism then there are plenty of more fulfilling sites you can peruse. How about a nice video of Curtis Joseph beating up Tim Cheveldae?

Final Thoughts

Fabbri left the game early. Our untrained eyes think its a shoulder/collarbone injury. If its the latter then we are talking months.

Jordan Kyrou has been on fire down in San Antonio, if he doesn’t get called up soon, then they are going to need to move him for some pieces they feel comfortable with. He has proven a lot in a short period of time in the AHL. He’s NHL ready.

This is pretty much the Blues season in a nutshell. 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, like a broken record. It’s infuriating and it’s so cyclical that it has become a joke. The defensive collapses are constant and more noticeable now that teams are taking advantage of them. You know what the difference in the Avalanche game was? Jake Allen and Alex Pietrangelo. Allen was a brick wall when the defense collapsed and when Petro was on the ice he kept Mackinnon to the edges. It was a simple elimination of the top threat of a team. The Blues had no gameplan for Arizona.

Coaching is a serious question mark for the Blues. 6 too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties is a season’s worth for most teams. The Blues have had 3 since Berube took over. Communication is being missed and it is a trainwreck to watch.

The Blues are back at it against a resurgent Edmonton Oilers team. It brings in Coach Hitchcock to face his previous employer. Edmonton has gotten solid goaltending from journeyman Mikko Koskinen. It’s important the Blues don’t let him look like the next coming of Marty Brodeur.



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  1. The issue with the Blues is several stages. The offense not staying steady. The defense, well that’s what they are called. Then the coaches, it’s not easy to try and led a time by joining during the season. The coaches have the experiences, have the knowledge. This season looks to be done. Time to start looking to next year.

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