Tyler Tucker: Playing More Disciplined, Continuing Success

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Nearly a month ago, we took a look at St. Louis Blues 7th round 2018 Draft Selection and defensive prospect, Tyler Tucker of the Barrie Colts. We came to the conclusion that Tyler has been just downright impressive. At that point in time, we were looking at 17 points in 15 games for Tucker.

He had himself 4 goals and 13 assists. Also, it was established that the only thing that we need Tyler to improve on is the number of penalties that he takes. Everything else is just happening for him right now. He’s been strong, intimidating, and offensively opportunistic.

I will link the previous article (covering Tucker’s 1st 15 games) at the end of this one. In that piece, you’ll see his previous years’ production levels which will give you an idea of how quickly this player has progressed since being drafted. Let’s take a look at what Tyler’s been able to do in his last 11 contests to sustain his recent success.

The first thing I want to point out is that Tucker has only taken 10 penalty minutes in his last 10 games. This is a big improvement. We published the last piece on Tucker, November 1st. He played a game that night, and he did take 3 penalties, but since then, he’s been much sharper in that area.

Let’s remember that in his first 16 games, he was in the box for 34 minutes. That’s an average of more than 2 penalties per game. Now, in the last 10 games, he’s sat a total of 5. Also, Tucker has 2 multi-point games, one of which he was able to score 2 goals (in these last 10).

The Big Picture

Tyler has played 26 games. He’s found the net 7 times, and he has 16 assists on the season for 23 points. As covered in the previous article, Tucker’s career highs in the OHL previously were 3 goals and 20 assists in 59 games played. Obviously, he’s smoking those numbers now.

He seems to be slowing down on taking penalties and I hope he can keep that up. He’s got 44 PIM in 26 games. He’s made it through 5 of his last ten without taking a penalty.

Tucker tallied helpers in 8 of his first 15 games. He was able to get 2 helpers in 5 of them.

Since November 1st, Tyler has assisted 3 goals and he’s scored 3 of his own (2 of which came in one game). Offensive production isn’t as hot as it was to begin the season for Tyler, but truthfully, that kind of took me by surprise to begin with. He came out flying.

Regardless, he’s playing great. I look forward to bringing you more info on Tucker in the future.

Touch upon his first 15 games of the season by reading my last entry on Tyler (featuring special guest, Ryan Noble from AVeryBarrieColtsBlog.com), Prospect Update: Tyler Tucker Has Beyond Impressed.

Thanks for reading, Blues fans.


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