Giving Tuesday: Help Our Lady Cyclones

First, Watch this Video…

Giving Tuesday, we can make a big difference in our community and more importantly for young females involved in the great sport of hockey. Facebook and Paypal are matching 7 million dollars in donations throughout the day beginning at 7 am.

The St. Louis Lady Cyclones are a non-profit, all-girl, youth hockey organization. Many girls have been given the chance to try playing hockey for free because of this group. The organization has even loaned equipment to make it possible.

And then if she enjoys playing hockey, she’s in good hands with the St. Louis Lady Cyclones…

Teamwork, self-confidence, and discipline. Hockey. It’s nice to have a great organization like this one here in our own town making an impact and growing this game. 

St. Louis, Your donations mean more Tuesday than they do any other day. Share this post on your facebook and your twitter. Tell a friend about the Cyclones. The money raised will fund the “Girls Try Hockey For Free” program, and help secure these girls a home at the St. Louis Ice Center as well.


But wait until after 7 am Tuesday…

More information at

Thanks, Blues fans.


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