Pump the Brakes on Fabbri Fears

I find myself doing it every preseason game he has played so far. Holding my breath, expecting the worst. I tense whenever Kerber tells me he is on the ice and when the Blues played Columbus on Sunday I heard what most Blues fatalists had expected to hear all along.

Robby Fabbri isn’t on the bench. Immediately Twitter went nuts.


Why are we expecting the worst to happen? What does returning to a game like hockey, do to a person’s body after essentially two years away from contact? I went to an old friend of mine for answers.

Jason Queer is a PA-C at Oregon University, we went to college together so he has to answer my questions or I can divulge several embarrassing stories we had at Missouri State University. I went to him to answer some very general questions about what Robby Fabbri might be going through.

Jason, What can one expect from an athlete upon returning from tearing his ACL twice in two years?

Depends on the athlete. Depends on his conditioning and what his 2 years off looked like. How long from surgery? How much of an athlete was he/she before, what’s their role on the field. Lots of Factors.

Robby Fabbri, before his injury, used his agility and grit along the boards to create turnovers and make space for him and his teammates. What are the things that Fabbri himself might experience?

Honestly, there’s probably gonna be a lot of unconscious hesitation about taking hits, pivoting and turning, sprinting for several games until he gets back into the swing of things. Depending on the graft, those suckers can be stronger than your original ACL.

Groin strains and lower back issues are expected Queer went on in saying, especially in a demanding sport like hockey. Though he threw in one tidbit that won’t help with our collective anxieties.

“Just keep in mind every athlete is different. And if he tears his ACL again, he’s probably done”

Thanks, doc. That won’t help the anxiety.

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