The Chirp Presents: Respecting The Note

As many Blues fans know by now, Respect The Note has become one of the biggest forums for Blues coverage on Twitter over the last handful of years or so.  Whether it be free agency rumors, trade rumors, or simply just opinions on the state of the team, RTN has always delivered top notch coverage.  So, to learn a little bit more about Respect The Note and it’s rise to relevancy on Twitter, we caught up with founder, Joey Palazzola.

Q: First off, how long have you been covering the Blues, and what gave you the idea of starting Respect The Note?

Joey: I am entering my fifth season covering the Blues.  The idea was originally “STL Sports Society”, but once the Rams announced they were leaving St. Louis, I paused that project and focused only on covering the Blues.  This lead me to the idea of Respect The Note.  The rest is history, so far.  RTN is entering its third season.

Q: You mentioned the intention of including the Rams.  Does the name Respect The Note have any underlying meaning to it?  Maybe a stab at the Rams organization, perhaps? 

Joey: Actually, no there is no underlying meaning.  I was set to specialize in the Blues department, and another former partner was going to be specializing in the Rams.  I enjoyed them when they were here, but I have always been a Carolina Panthers fan, so the move did not really bother me like that.

Q: How long have you been around the sport of hockey?  Did you play when you were younger?  What other sports were you or are you still into?

Joey: I have 19 years of experience with the sport of hockey.  I played a lot when I was younger.  I traveled across North America and won national championships in both ice and roller hockey.  Hockey is my main sport, but I also played baseball.  As far as being a fan, I am into every sport. Hockey, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, mixed martial arts, golf, I am into it all.  I am a big sports fan.

Q: Okay, so now that we kind of have a feel for you and your background with Respect The Note, where do you see the account going moving forward?  What are the next steps for you and your team?

Joey: I always have a vision for the future of RTN.  The current project I am/have been working on is the RTN podcast.  The reason I have taken so long to release it is because I am trying to make it as professional as possible.  I have a team close to me and as of today, there has been major progress in the project.  More details will be released soon.  As for other future endeavors of RTN, I will continue to improve and inspire the Blues community with our tweets, stories, and up to date news.

Q: Just a couple of Blues questions now.  Who are your favorite guys to watch on the current team?  Which players make you want to watch the game night in and night out?

Joey: My favorite players to watch night in and night out are Vladimir Tarasenko and Vince Dunn.  Tarasenko’s game-breaking ability makes every shift a must watch shift.  He is capable of scoring a highlight reel goal on any given night.  Vince Dunn is a magician on the blue line.  I love watching him work with the puck.  His vision is incredible, and his footwork is even better.  I am excited to watch him grow.

Q: If you would not mind dropping your opening night lines for the readers and also maybe a couple of predictions on who you think will make the All-Star team (3-on-3 format)?






My all-star predictions are going to be Tarasenko and Schwartz.  I think Parayko and Pietrangelo both have good first halves, but Schwartz and Tarasenko are going to put up the great numbers.

Q: One last question.  If you were to give one word of advice for other Blues fan accounts and bloggers, what would you say?

Joey: My advice to other bloggers would be to be original.  Whether it is tweets, stats, stories, etc. make it original.  Instead of being afraid of doing something different, strive for originality.  Create your own “vibe” so to speak.  I hear all the time how people love my work, tweets, view on hockey, and humor that is all mixed together.  People enjoy it and over the past four years I have found that is the key to success.


Thank you to Joey Palazzola for doing this!  We hope that you got a glimpse into Respect The Note, Joey’s Blues opinions, and even some advice if you are a blogger!  If you don’t already make sure to follow Joey on Twitter (@Palazzola_RTN) and Respect The Note (@RespectTheNote).




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