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St. Louis Blues: The Time is Now

(Photo Credit: Bill Boyce / Associated Press)

After another season of missing the mark, what were fans to expect from the organization?  Well, Doug “I get it done” Armstrong was given the green light from the ownership group to improve and put into place a championship caliber roster.  Mr. Armstrong and the Blues’ ownership did not disappoint.

As St. Louis Blues fans, we know the let down all too well; The disappointment, anger, and frustration we’ve experienced throughout the years.  I want you to think about something.  Things feel different right now.  I feel confident in what has taken place this off-season.  I’m not just talking about the moves made by Mr. Armstrong.  The Scottrade Center is now the Enterprise Center.  Now the name of our Blues battlefield has some local roots.  Enterprise Headquarters is located in Clayton, MO, which is basically St. Louis to anyone in the County.  Renovations to the building are making it a top-notch venue for your hockey viewing pleasure.  Fans can take pride. This reminds me of when I attended Busch Stadium during the Winter Classic.  This is our team, our city.

There’s a new venue with new players, players who want to play here and win here.  This should be exciting for St. Louis sports fans.  The city has not seen a championship of any kind since 2011. Before that, 2006, and of course, 1982.  I purposely left out the Rams championship of 2000, but World Series Championships by our St. Louis Cardinals are sure to stick.  The regions sports fans, both red and blue, are in need of a championship, but not from the St. Louis Cardinals.  The fans of these teams need something fresh and new to add to the city’s winning ways.

This is the perfect storm for the St. Louis Blues ownership group.  It seems as if they are taking advantage of a time when Cardinals and Blues fans need something desperately to be proud of.  The organization has even brought in a St. Louis native with a feel-good story to make you even more prideful of your team and city.   It’s like everything might be forming properly and the Blues just might accomplish what every fan has wanted since ’67.

You might be thinking, “This all means nothing and is just mushy nostalgia”.  You could be right, but I want you to ponder this about the current St. Louis Blues team…  The Blues have the resume’ for success.  Elite goal scorer. Check.  Scoring Depth. Check.  Leadership via players and a head coach who knows what it takes to win on the biggest stage.  Check.  Also, don’t forget one of the best six-man Defensive units in the NHL.  Check.  Top all of this with a goalie, who when he is right, with the right team, could lead you to the promised land.  With all of these intangibles, I believe the time is now.


2 thoughts on “St. Louis Blues: The Time is Now

  1. Well you are ALMOST right…In my opinion the Coach is in the hot seat he is going to be on a short leash in my opinion and the Goalie 34 Jake Allen is a deal shoot. This team and iys fan base CAN NOT with stand another Jake meltdown…Remember we are in the Best division in Hockey we can’t afford a Bad start or another Melt down

    1. I completely agree with the Jake Allen comments. In this division we can’t afford for him to do what he has done the last two seasons.

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