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Meet Gareth Moyse, and Always Respect The Note

I personally follow Gareth Moyse, Joey Palazzola, and the Crew over at on the regular. I wanted to shine some light on those guys over there and I figured what better way than asking a few questions, then sharing it with our readers?

Sidenote: If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out on all of the fun. Sign up, and come join us at #stlblues. If you’re already there, then you’ve been seeing Gareth post a bunch of good content lately. We’re always sharing his articles, so keep your eyes out.

Anyway, I asked a few questions in hopes to inform the fans. Here’s our conversation.

Ray: “Gareth, first off I want to thank you for letting me interview you. One of our goals here at Blues Rants is to help out everyone that’s working hard to better the hockey community here in St. Louis. You’re doing just that with TheRunnerSports and RespectTheNote, but there’s something different about you. That’s the fact that you’re bringing in opinions from the outside. You’re effecting our community here and I appreciate it. Can we start by having you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do Blues fans need to know about Gareth Moyse?”

Gareth: “Originally from Scotland. Still have the accent. Moved to Canada back in 2004. Always a soccer fan until I watched hockey for the first time. Was hooked instantly. Starting following the Blues back in 2008. Picked the Blues as the initials STL were close to Scotland. Believe its true but very random indeed. I have loved the Blues since and never missed a game on Fox Sports Midwest. Visited every arena in the Eastern Conference aside from TB, FLA and CAR. First Blues home game was against Nashville in 2013. Wear my Blues colours everywhere with pride.”

Ray: “Well, it’s been a breath of fresh air reading your content. I especially appreciate you connecting with us at Blues Rants. You’ve certainly played some part in boosting our following here considering we’ve been at this for six months. I understand you joined Twitter just two months ago yourself. Did you ever think your network would grow so quickly? Also, how long have you had the passion for writing?”

Gareth: “And likewise Ray. You have helped me a lot, trust me on that one. You were one of 1st I talked to and am glad we have connected the way the way we have. It was my girlfriend that pushed me to do it. I was writing for fun mainly. Started around February, writing pieces but then pushed them to sports websites. Runner sports gave me a shot and that was it. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that twitter would be firstly so much fun, or that I’d gain followers like I have. I always say a lot of luck is involved but I have done a lot of work. I had published 33 articles on Runner sports before I even went to work with Joey (Palazzola). Its a great experience so far, the only thing I may regret is… I didn’t do it sooner. I would say that I write differently than others as my style is very factual, and I try to stay away from my own personal opinions. I can on twitter to a degree, but not in my articles. The way you go about your business encouraged me. I want us to be successful individually or collectively.”

Ray: “That’s what it’s all about. We’ve got to support each other here in the Blues Hockey community. Ultimately, it’s about the team. We appreciate any and all Blues content here, as it creates opportunities for us as writers to bounce ideas off of one another. Speaking of Joey (Palazzola), Let’s talk about Respect The Note. I love what youguys are doing over there and Joey has been tackling the Blues for a good while now. For those that don’t know, tell our readers a little bit about RTN?”

Gareth: “RTN is a Blues website that specializes in prospects, NHL stats and other Blues stories. Joey (Palazzola) and I primarily work on the twitter side promoting through our breaking news and in depth analysis on current Blues topics. RTN also has many contributors who provide personal and in-depth analysis on current Blues topics through articles. RTN is a growing website within the Blues community and has firm desires to connect with all fans of the Blues and the NHL.”

Ray: “Yes, the Twitter presence is huge and you’re all so timely. Accuracy is one thing, but in my short time writing and sharing, I’ve learned timing is just as important! Blues fans are getting updates from RTN as soon as things are made official, and on top of that we’re sometimes getting a heads up on things before they even happen from you all.

(I want to encourage our readers to support RespectTheNote by not only following, but really engaging. Be sure to share their content and spread the knowledge.)

Ray: “Now, Gareth Let’s talk a little bit about this upcoming season. I’m personally still trying to digest everything that’s taken place, and I’ll be trying to bottle up all of my excitement until camp starts. What do you have to say about the Blues forward depth? I personally never expected such a successful off-season.”

Gareth: “The depth at forward needed to be addressed and arguably has for years. The culture of the organization has changed with the additions made thus far. The team now has depth down the middle and to win a championship you need just that. I still believe this team is one year away from seriously challenging for the Stanley Cup. Will take time to blend everything together. As a fan was pleasantly surprised by the work done by DA and his scouting team. The intent is there and they have given fans something to shout about. I believe they are working toward making Enterprise Center a fortress again trying to improve the 24-17 record last season. All will be relieved in early October. With all the high end prospects in tact they now have a nice mixture of youth and experience moving forward. With all the additions plus Fabbri who is like a new signing after his injury layoff the depth has been as good as the Blues that got to the Conference Final in 2015/16. Different type of team but as clearly as we are seeing the team is moving with the times of the fast paced and skilled NHL.”

Ray: “It’s a night and day difference on paper. That’s for sure, and I’m itching to see what players really feed off one another. Like yourself, I also am truly surprised at Armstrong’s work this off-season. Let’s bring to light that certain big name UFA’s simply wouldn’t consider coming here. I feel the Blues ended up with a win here and I’m excited for what this city has in store. It’s so important to have players that not only want to be here, but love this city. Thoughts?”

Gareth: “Referring to Tavares in particular. It was common knowledge he had no interest in St.Louis from the beginning. As much as a player of his ability joining the organization would excite fans, I believe what ended up happening was far better for everyone involved with the organization. The dedication from O’Reilly, Perron, Bozak, Johnson and Maroon has been nothing short of spectacular. They want to wear the Blue Note and you cant get enough of those type of guys. The St.Louis fans are some of the most loyal in the NHL and really warms their hearts when players speak so nice about not only the team but the city itself. Me personally as an outsider from Canada I was welcomed with open arms when I come down to St. Louis and meet up with my friends every time. The togetherness that the fans and players have throughout the Blues community is something like I have never seen. The Blues set the benchmark IMO, making them that unqiue franchise and city.”

Ray: “Indeed. I think we all have it pretty good here! I totally agree with you. Now, if St. Louis could just pull it together and bring a cup home, that’s the last piece. The Blues have become a more passionate club, and the talent is certainly there. Doug Armstrong has more than impressed all of us recently. He played the cards he was dealt the absolute best he could. Now, give us a brief analysis on defense and goaltending? Always enjoy picking your brain.

Gareth: “The defence has always been solid as far back as 2011 and has obviously been one of the main strengths for the team. With the trend of puck moving and mobile defenseman in the NHL, I see the possible introduction of Perunovich, Reinke, Schmaltz and Walman ingrained into the team sooner rather than later. Not at the same time but they may get looks. If they are good enough they should play. It worked with Dunn and there is no reason one of the above can’t have a similar impact. With Bouwmeester in the twilight of his career and Pietrangelo not getting any younger, I believe it may be time soon to search for that elite defenseman through the draft next year if they dont have it already in the prospects. As it stands the top 4 dman is set with Pietrangelo, Edmundson, Dunn and Parayko. With Bouwmeester and Gunnarsson battling injuries at the moment there will be a roster spot opening up and with both to become UFAs next year. The time to bring along a different look to the defense would bode well for the future. The Blues in recent times have struggled to get that elite goalie that could help them to the top. Jake Allen as we know has been inconsistent but the organization still believes he is the number one moving forward. Its a big year for him and with the offensive power that has been added, that may take some of the heat from him. The lack of scoring last season highlighted his mistakes and since that will likely change in the new season, we will get a true reflection of where he is at. Tough for a goalie when your team gets shutout 8 times and scores 1 goal 10 times.”

Ray: Thanks Gareth. I just really wanted to bring awareness to your presence in the community and highlight where you are so Blues fans can connect with you, Joey, and your crew over there. I hope to do this again some time. We here at Blues Rants Respect The Note.”

It was my pleasure to have Gareth join us for this interview. It’s insights like these that Gareth shares regularly via social media. Everyone, do yourselves a favor and follow Gareth on Twitter. Also, make sure you follow RespectTheNote, and founder Joey Palazzola as well. You won’t be disappointed. Let’s Go Blues.


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