St. Louis Blues: Down The Middle

The St. Louis Blues have made some changes, acquiring not one, but two for down the middle. I’m interested in having an idea of what a difference we can expect from St. Louis when looking at the center position. This will be a 5 on 5 comparison that will be made by averaging each center-man’s 3 most recent years to simulate the 2018-19 production. I’ll simply compare it to the actual production from the 2017-18 Blues center-men.

Let’s start by putting some forward lines together. We’ll use the lines that are floating around twitter.

There’s no telling what the St. Louis Blues will do as far as line combinations go, but this looks realistic, so let’s move onto the next step. Time to get the averages. I’ll be rounding to the nearest whole number. Assuming Robert Thomas makes the team, and plays some center this season, he’ll be added as the 5th option (but with UNAVAILABLE numbers), So this is essentially a 4 on 5 comparison, and we’ll consider Thomas a bonus. Ivan Barbashev will be predicted rather than averaged. This will give you an idea of how well-off the Blues are down the middle for now, and years to come.

2018-19 (Projected)

  • Brayden Schenn: 26G, 35A, 61P
  • Ryan O’Reilly: 22G, 37A, 59P
  • Tyler Bozak: 14G, 31A, 45P
  • Ivan Barbashev: 11G, 14A, 25P (Predicted)
  • Robert Thomas: UNAVAILABLE

TOTALS: 73G, 117A, 190P (Plus Thomas’ production)

Now, let’s compare to the averages of the center-men that played for the Blues last season. Note: Paul Stastny left at the trade deadline last year, and that’ll make this even more interesting. Also, Patrik Berglund and Vladimir Sobotka simply didn’t play center enough to be on this list.


  • Brayden Schenn: 28G, 42A, 70P
  • Paul Stastny: 12G, 28A, 40P
  • Kyle Brodziak: 10G, 23A, 33P
  • Ivan Barbashev: 7G, 6A, 13P
  • Oscar Sundqvist: 1G, 4A, 5P

TOTALS: 58G, 103A, 161P

So, what we have here is (5) Blues center-men adding up to 161 points from down the middle in 2017-18.

I’ve simulated/predicted just (4) 2018-19 Blues center-man to have 190 points combined. That’s remarkable. Even if Robert Thomas does nothing, this new roster will blow the last one out of the water. I left Thomas blank for the simple reason to show you this.

Thanks for reading, Blues fans!


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