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What Happens in Vegas Does Not Always Stay in Vegas

Patrik Berglund (13) Brayden Schenn (26) Chris Thorburn (1)

1st Period

Whoa if you have a seat buckle on the chair your sitting in, you may want to buckle up. The Blues came out on fire and really put the pressure on the Golden Knights. Just 2:54 into the first period, Alexander Steen passes the puck from behind the goal line to Patrik Berglund. Patrik Berglund then puts a wrister up over Malcolm Subban’s glove to take the lead at (1-0). Following this, the Blues would get two Power-Plays back to back and William Karlsson would make a sneaky move behind the play to get a breakaway goal against Jake Allen to make it (1-1) at 6:18. The Golden Knights would then put some intense pressure in front of Jake Allen and William Karlsson would make a pass across the ice to Johnathon Marchessault who would sneak it over the stick of Jake Allen to make it (2-1) at 13:31. Do not fear though this game was nowhere near out of reach for the Blues. Jaden Schwartz would work the puck down boards on the right-hand side of the boards. He then would deke out one Golden Knight and pass it to Brayden Schenn who was sitting in the middle of the right-hand circle where he would take a beautiful wrist shot under Malcolm Subban‘s glove to make it 2-2 at 16:09.

The Resilience of the Blues Has Been Incredible

Over the past six games, there has not been any quit in the Blues game. The Blues have had to battle back in almost every one of the last six games that they have played. This has been some of the most incredible hockey I have seen them play in a very long time. They just will not die when they go down by a goal and it has been absolutely incredible to watch every game. I look forward to seeing if they can keep this going for the final games of the season to make that playoff push that we’re all looking forward too. We should all be ready to watch some incredible hockey because this team means business.

Second Period

The intensity seemed to dial down this period. The Blues did have a couple of good shots on goal but were unable to get it past either a players block or the goaltender. However the Golden Knights were able to put one in the back of the net, but it was due to the unfortunate fact of us mishandling the puck. Jaden Schwartz was trying to make a move to get the puck out of the zone but unfortunately fumbled up the puck. Thomas Tatar would snag the puck from Jaden Schwartz where he would then pass it to Haula who was on the right-side of the net. Jake Allen would go to cover the right-hand side. Erik Haula would then pass it across the crease to James Neal who would bury the puck into the back of the net over Jake Allen’s glove to make it (3-2) at 16:35. I do want to say Jake Allen did everything right even though the goal was scored. He just could not get across the crease quick enough to stop the one-timer that beat him.

This is Not Sparta, Its Vegas

Las Vegas has taken the NHL by surprise. No one would have ever guessed that the Las Vegas Golden Knights would be having this good of a season. Usually, when you think of a brand new expansion team you do not think of them coming anywhere near the playoffs. this team leads their division. That means they have been able to hold off some dangerous teams and beat some more incredible teams when it comes to a team of misfits. With all of this being said this does not mean they are unbeatable. The Blues hold a Chance to shut them down after the second period even though we are trailing 3-2. There is still going to be mistakes made and we need to be able to capitalize on these mistakes. The Blues are a very Resilient team and I look forward to seeing what happens in the remainder of this game and it shall be extremely exciting!

Third Period

If you were told the person to tie’s this game up has not scored a goal in 82 games would you believe them? You might want to tie your shoes tight because this might rock your socks. The period started out as a back and forth game both teams were pushing for their next goal. Scottie Upshall found himself behind the net with the puck and would find the tough guy Chris Thorburn in front of the net and he would slide it past the left-side pad of Malcolm Subban to tie the game and make it 3-3 at 6:14. The Blues and the Golden Knights would battle the remainder of the period to get the next goal but would be unable to do so before time would run out and take them to overtime.


Twenty Seconds is all it took for this overtime period. The Golden Knights would win the faceoff and take it into the offensive zone. Jonathan Marchessault would cross the Blue line and circle around. Marchessault would then move towards the center of the circles, give the puck a little bit of a toe drag, and beat Jake Allen on the blocker side to win the game (4-3).

The Playoff Race Continues

The Anaheim Ducks got the win against their rival the LA Kings which would move them to 93 points and they would take over that first Wild Card spot. The Colorado Avalanche would roll over the Chicago Blackhawks to move to 92 points and move into the second wildcard spot for a little while tonight. The St. Louis Blues would push the Vegas Golden Knights into Overtime to get that one point that they needed to give Colorado the bump out of their Wild Card spot. The Blues will face the Arizona Coyotes tomorrow night and hopefully, they’ll be able to edge their way closer to clinching a playoff spot. This might just come down to the final game of the season, but it has lead to some very exciting hockey.


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