Two Blues Web Pages That You Should Know About

Hey Blues fans! Take the time to look into these web pages. You won’t be sorry.

There’s a large community of Blues fans out there. Many of which haven’t tapped into a few of the resources that we have available to us. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy what I’m about to share with you. I’m a sucker for a nice podcast or a good read. I’ve recently started working with a few people that I admire. So, I’d like to take a second to help share their work.

Listen To Blue Line Podcast!

Blue Line Podcast is hosted by Tony the Whipping Boy featuring Jesse Hill, Brian Light, and AJ Horn. The show is exclusively aired on ALT 104.9 streaming on iHeart Radio. It’s well worth the listen for any Blues fan. Get perspective from some guys that know the game and love to talk about it.

I asked Jesse Hill a few questions about their podcast to give you an insight. Here’s our conversation:

Ray“So, here you are contributing on a high-quality St. Louis Blues podcast. What brought you here?”

Jesse: “The four of us used to work together. In a call center. So pretty much any downtime was spent talking hockey. One day, Tony calls me with this idea of a podcast and remembering Brian and AJ’s passion for hockey. It was a no-brainer.”

Ray: “How long have you guys been going at this now? You all seem to be very comfortable and the show really seems to flow.”

Jesse“We haven’t been doing the podcast for very long. I want to say our first one was in October… and keeping things flowing I would have to say that is all contributed to Tony. He kind of has a knack for you know… getting us to move on, or to focus on certain subjects or topics. So, I really say he’s the one that keeps the show flowing… And I think talking hockey is very easy for us. It’s just something we like to do so that’s why it sounds probably comfortable.”

Ray: “Chemistry is just as important behind the mic as it is on the ice. Having said that, with the exception of Tony… do you all have hockey backgrounds?”

Jesse: “…I think I’m the only one with a hockey background. Played youth hockey in Cahokia. Spent a lot of time in Missouri playing against the Meremac Sharks… Affton Americans… Kirkwood Stars. And being a blues fan.”

Ray: “Mixing your hockey background with Tony’s radio experience has worked wonders. Brian and AJ are no slouches either. Let me ask you, How has it been to watch them grow on the show?”

Jesse: “It’s just awesome. I respect both of their opinions and their knowledge of hockey. Brian articulates his thoughts so well. AJ and I tend to disagree on a lot of topics, but respect each other’s opinion so it works well. I definitely think if you listen to our first episode, we were all a little nervous. But have easily grown comfortable with everyone moving forward.”

Ray: “I’m excited for you guys. You’ve got something good going. One last question for you. How often can we expect to tap in on your opinions?”

Jesse: “We try weekly. It is just my opinion but I think I can connect with others and always hope people disagree. If everyone would think the same, the world would be a very boring place.”

Feel free to come back to Blues Rants and simply click on the link in our menu for a direct link to Blue Line Podcasts most recent episode. For their archives, simply visit ALT 104.9, and scroll down. Blue Line can be found in the “Podcasts” section. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

Check Out STL Hat Trick!

STL Hat Trick brings you Blues Hockey, Cardinals Baseball, and Nerdtainment. Now, the first two are self-explanatory, but what is considered Nerdtainment? Exactly what it sounds like! Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. Movies, Television, Comics, and Video Games. So, not only does STL Hat Trick have local sports fans covered, but all of you crazed geeks get plenty of content yourself.

I asked Founder and Editor, Steven McNeil some questions. Here is our conversation:

Ray: “What inspired you to create STL Hat Trick? When did you establish the website?”

Steven: “The website was established about a year ago. Ever since I left Redbird Rants and FanSided, I always wanted to create my own medium to discuss Cardinals Baseball and Blues Hockey.”

Ray: “Care to shine some light on the other subjects covered by STL Hat Trick?”

Steven: “I’m a pretty big comic book fan and always have been, so when I created the name of the site, I knew that was what I wanted to cover. Initially, it was just going to be movies but it expanded into comics, television, and novels as well. It’s safe to say if it’s comic book related we cover it!”

Ray“Now that we’ve established that “Hat Trick” represents (Blues, Cardinals, and Nerdtainment); Let’s get back to St. Louis Blues Hockey. Was there a particular Blues player that nudged you into fanhood?”

Steven“That’s a really good question. I don’t think there was ever one player that “made” me a fan. I first started paying attention to Blues hockey in the late 90s and early 2000s. I was a big Chris Pronger and Al Macinnis fan but who wasn’t at that point in time.”

Ray: “That was quite a memorable time period for Blues fans. I’m also aware of your passion for Cardinals Baseball. You have an impressive team of writers, especially in that area. This is my last question. Is it possible you’re looking for more writers to cover Blues Hockey?”

Steven: “Absolutely. Great content is what helps to grow a site and I am only one man, so anyone willing to help is ok in my books.”

If you’re interested in writing about the St. Louis Blues, contact Steven McNeil at

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