How Will Patrik Berglund Respond?


I think Blues fans should expect just that from Patrik Berglund. Especially, now that he’s taken a seat in the press box for a game. The healthy scratch watched his teammates win one without him. Something had to be done after that 7 game skid. Berglund was made an example of, and he knows he needs to be better. I just want to see him go out there and do it.

I’ve been unhappy with Berglund’s play all season, to be honest, but I’m also a big fan of his when he is playing the right way. That flair doesn’t come as often as we’d like it to. Maybe he can step up? Of course, he can, but will he? I think Berglund finally received a wake-up call that was long overdue. I hope he responds by bringing some heat.


Patrik is 6’4″, and 219 lbs. He better start using his size to his advantage. Adding some grit to his game would really benefit his club in a big way. It’s understood that it isn’t always a player’s style to play heavy hockey, but a real teammate puts everything on the line.

Berglund needs to go out there and make his presence known. He’s been needing to add some emotion to his game. I hope he realizes that there are holes in this Blues team that need filling. He can make a difference if he wants to in my opinion, and I think he will.


The Paul Stastny trade has left the Blues active roster a bit thin at center-ice. Berglund has played there most of his career so I expect him to be relied upon. I’ve mentioned before that I prefer Berglund on the right wing, and I’m sticking to it. Regardless, I’m sure he will be playing the middle now.

He gets more chances on the right side. I actually feel that Patrik plays better with less responsibility. Recently, I wrote an article called “Can Patrik Berglund Be Effective?“. I discuss how Patrik has simply been given too much responsibility. That’s been the case most of his career.


I know that Berglund can rise to the occasion and score goals. We’ve seen him score 23 in the 2016-17 season. Actually, He’s scored 20+ goals three times in his career. That is the player that the Blues are going to need going down this stretch. I’m pulling for Patrik Berglund to show what he’s made of. He needs to put it all on the line. Keep your eye on #21.


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  1. Unfortunately Berglunds tendencies are what they are he is a guy with size that should be a power forward but only shows glimpses of it. I would have traded him for a draft pick. But hopefully he can change . Very Doubtful.

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